About For The Record (FTR)

For the Record (FTR) assists courts around the world to capture, distribute and maintain court recordings and transcripts. Our solutions and service models provide measurable improvements to digital court recording and management processes while protecting court governance and increasing access. Our mission is to help courts not just make the digital record, but make the digital court record truly useful.

Supporting every stage of the digital journey

At FTR, we support courts at every stage of their digital journey - from first steps into digital recording to sophisticated, enterprise-wide content management solutions. We help courts drive digital transformation and introduce ways of working by providing reliable, flexible, integrated and easy tools and processes.

Solutions and services that raise standards

By working alongside our customers we’ve learned first-hand that quality audio is the key to success. It underpins the entire court recording lifecycle and is critical to the delivery of broadcast quality audio and video and a true and fast transcript.

Our products and services provide:

–  Reliable, high-quality audio and video
–  Remote recording and monitoring of court proceedings
–  Online access to digital recordings
–  Managed transcription services on behalf of the court.

We care about clarity, accuracy, security and on-time delivery but we know that software alone can’t guarantee these results. That’s why we offer added services to manage quality across the entire digital court recording solution, from system design, implementation and support through to digital recording and transcription management.

A proven track record

Our global group of companies, including Auscript within Australia, has served courts for more than 100 years. With more than 27,000 installations across 65 countries, many millions of hours recording, and billions of transcribed words, FTR has the experience and deep domain knowledge to be a valuable court partner. We support courts to modernize the court record so they and their stakeholders can work smarter, faster and do more.