Solutions for Courts and Justice

Take your digital journey with FTR. Experience the new era of FTR products and herald in unprecedented speed and efficiency to truly connect your courthouse operation.

Transforming courtroom recording

FTR is transforming court recording environments with scalable, enterprise-level solutions that remove the burden of slow turnaround times associated with expensive, poorly integrated offline processes.

Ease of access

FTR simplifies the capture and storage of court recordings, providing easy access to court recordings on desktop and mobile to improve the accuracy of transcriptions and to provide access anywhere, anytime.

Visibility and control

Manage access at every stage, from recording to delivery, with full visibility and control when connecting courts with court reporters, transcriptionists and attorneys.

Solutions for every stage

Digital court recording

FTR’s core audio- and video-recording solution lets you record with ease, note events, play back recordings, control the frequency and format of file duplication, encrypt content and apply access controls.

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Online streaming

Use the power and convenience of the web to stream, search and retrieve content using an online recording library.


Transcription management

Create a central online location to manage transcription production between all your stakeholders.

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Use complementary, smart hardware such as one-touch and portable recording devices to create seamless, user-friendly workflows.

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